Evolve Components

Evolve Components was built on customer service.   Covid created a supply chain shortage that allowed some sales representatives to turn into simple order takers.   This was due to high demand of several products and shortages seemingly everywhere.  Evolve Components was formed post covid utilizing techniques to drive relationships based on understanding needs and solution based selling.  At Evolve Components, we work to get to know our customers through asking questions.  God created us with two ears and one mouth; our team is trained to focus on that order.  

Also, Evolve Components has a founding principal of loyalty.   Loyalty means more than showing up and taking an order.  It means working through any challange that may come up and communicating openly.  Allow us to show what it means to be a loyal supplier, sales rep,  and supply partner. 

Founding Principles



Hard Work

Fractional Sales Leadership

Fractional sales leadership allows for companies to gain access to high end leadership, sales strategies, and rep network development without adding the full cost of a high end sales leader to payroll.  You can pay a fraction and still get great results.  

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